Study of Adding Cement to Hardened Powdered Novolac Resin Matrix for Manufacturing Novel Concrete in the Presence of Heat and Pressure


In this study, a new concrete has been manufactured by mixing powdered hardened novolac resin with cement in equal proportions and in the presence of heat (150-200) 0C and pressure (100 kN) as catalysts. The results of laboratory tests showed that the new concrete have a compressive strength of (92 MPa) and a density of (1761.1 kg/m3 ) while the compressive strength of the normal concrete at the age (28) days (25 MPa) and the density was (2368 kg/m3). It can be seen from the images taken by the scanning electron microscopy that there is a correlation between concrete components (hardened powdered novolac resin with cement) in the presence of heat and pressure as catalysts (Bakelite concrete).