Role of reverse logistics invaders in promoting business sustainability


Abstract : The research focuses on testing the impact of reverse logistics reversals in enhancing business sustainability,the reverse logistics approach is a modern approach for organizations to meet the requirements of customers to eliminate the aging of commodities by adopting modern methods and systems that promote and sustain the business, Increased environmental awareness and orientation towards green organizations as well as the economic savings provided by the reverse logistics of the organizations that adopt this concept. The importance of the research stems from the fact that it deals with the modern trend of industrial organizations that focuses on preserving the natural environment and human health. Which has become the ethics of contemporary organizations, and the research sample consisted of (70) of the individuals interviewed with expertise and know-how in their field. The hypothesis of the research was tested using the analysis of impact and variance using regression analysis. The research concluded with a number of conclusions, Reflected in reverse logistics returns. Based on the findings of the researcher, a set of recommendations were presented in line with these conclusions for the development of Iraqi companies. The most important of these recommendations should be that the company is given sufficient and equal attention to reverse logistics returns in order to achieve its objectives of increasing the market share.