Elements Of Continuous Improvement and Its Role In Competitive Advantge Analytical Study In Carrefour Company


Abstract The current study deals with the elements of continuous improvement to highlight their role in achieving, maintaining and sustaining competitive advantage. This feature is a central goal of most contemporary organizations seeking to adopt a strategy (cost leadership, discrimination and concentration). In order to achieve sustainable competitive advantages appropriate to their capabilities and potentials, which enable the organization to excel in its field of specialization by providing different and unique to its customers and better than its competitors and continuously. In our study, we adopted the questionnaire form as a tool for collecting data and information from the respondents of Carrefour Company, as well as the continuous presence within the company's gallery, the close look and the attempt to identify the role of the elements of continuous improvement in achieving the organization's competitive advantage. Without hesitation, and by adopting the appropriate statistical methods and tools for the current study. The study reached a number of conclusions that were used to present the appropriate proposals and recommendations for the studied organization and the similar organizations.