Investigation On Some Antioxidants And Free Radicals Associated With Toxoplasmosis In The Serum Of Pregnant Women In Qaratapah City


The present study was conducted to determine the level of some antioxidants and free radicals associated with infection of toxoplasmosis in the serum of pregnant women. 60 blood samples were collected from women their ages between (33-37) year from the city of Qara tapah in Diyala province divided in two groups, the first one was included (30) samples of infected women with abortion history , while the second group included (30) volunteers from non-infected pregnant women . The results showed significant increase (P≤0.05) in the Malondialdelyde and radical of peroxy nitratein infected women and get significant decrease in the concentration of Glutathione , Arylesterase and Antioxidant Activity compared with the control group. This study indicated incidence of oxidative stress which accompany with this disease.