Effect of Temperature Variations on Strain Response of Polymer Bragg Grating Optical Fibers


This paper presents a numerical analysis for the effect of temperature variations on the strain response of polymer optical fiber (POF) Bragg gratings. Results show that the dependence of the Bragg wavelength (λB) upon strain and temperature variations for the POF Bragg gratings is lies within the range of 0.462 – 0.470 fm με-1 °C-1 compare with 0.14 – 0.15 fm με-1 °C-1 for the SOFs Bragg gratings. Also, results show that the strain response for the POF Bragg gratings changed on average by 1.034 ± 0.02fm με-1°C-1 and on average by 0.36 ± 0.03fm με-1°C-1 for the silica optical fiber (SOF) Bragg gratings. The obtained results are very important for strain sensor applications especially in the environments where the temperature change.