The cohesion of players Iraqi universities teams and its relationship to the completion of the effectiveness of e-ran (4 × 100 m) and (4 × 400 m)


The current research aims to find out cohesion and degree or level at Iraqi universities and teams know the relationship between cohesion and Standings Iraqi universities. The researcher used the descriptive survey manner and method of connectivity studies. Find community be teams from Iraqi universities participants in Iraqi universities championship in Sulaymaniyah for the academic year 2013/2014A team (4 × 100 m) Baghdad University, the highest degree of cohesion and then followed by the University of Maysan to the same effectiveness and then the University of Basra either a (4 × 400 m) has got the University of Baghdad and Maysan University and then the University of Halabja.-there Correlation between the results of team cohesion and the extent of the relationship.-there Is a relationship between cohesion E team (4 × 100 m) and the cohesion of the team (4 × 400 m).Correlation between team cohesion (4 × 100 m) and its results stronger than the correlation between team cohesion and team results (4 × 400 m).-there Correlation between team cohesion and general results of the teams relationship.Keywords: the cohesion of teams, e-ran, Order Results.