Effect of Foliar application with Humic acid and Iron element in some The qualities growth and yield of two cultivars of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)


The experiment was carried out in spring season of 2016 in the fields of Horticulture department-Agriculture college-University of Anbar (Abu-Ghariab) in order to study the effect of Humic acid and Ferredoxin in some growth and yield traits of two potato cultivars. A factorial experiment was carried out with two factors; the first one is the varieties it Burrin,V1 and Rudolph,V2 and the second factor is the spraying with humic and Ferredoxin. The study included 6 treatments: T0- control treatment without spraying, T1- spraying with Ferredoxin 1 g L-1, T2 Spraying with ferredoxin 2 g L-1, T3- spraying with Humic 1 g L-1 and, T4- spraying with ferredoxin 1 g L-1+ 1 g Humic L-1 and Spraying with 2 g Fe L-1+ 1 g Humic L-1. The treatments were randomly distributed according to RCBD with three replications and the means were compared by using L.S.D test at 0.05 probability. The results showed that V2 was superior in average of leaf area which gave 127.5 dm2 while the V1 was superior in carbohydrates percentage in potato tubers which gave 14.99% and nitrogen ratio in leaves which gave 1.167%. However the treatment T3 was superior in average of leaf area which gave 134.6 dm2 and chlorophyll content which gave 57.1 SPAD units and highest average of tubers which was 8.46 tuber plant-1 and highest total yield that reach 74.44 ton ha-1. The two way interaction of V2T3 recorded highest average of leaf area that reached 153.1 dm2 and chlorophyll content which gave 57.3 SPAD units and highest total yield of 75.53 ton ha-1.