Evaluation of some artificial insemination activities for cows in Iraq 1.Percentage of the artificial insemination and natural mating for cows and the reproductive efficiency according to the type of insemination


A questionnaire study was conducted to evaluate the activity of cow’s artificial insemination (AI) in Iraq involving 12 governorates. The evaluation data were obtained directly from the cow’s owners during the period from November, 2014 to June, 2015. The numbers of questionnaire forms were 1014, whereas, the number of AI centers in Baghdad governorate, as well as those pertaining to the veterinary hospitals in other included governorates were 154 centers. The total average percentage of AI was highest (P≤ 0.01) in the twelve governorates 68.76% as compared with those of natural mating NM; 31.24%. Erbil, Duhok, Sulaimani, Qadisiya, Najaf, Baghdad, Babil, Thi-Qar and Muthanna governorates were superior in the AI as compared with the NM. Conversely, Diyala, Wassit and Misan exhibited greater (P≤0.01) percentage of NM in comparison with the AI. The total average percentage of the NM for both heifers and adult cows for all governorates were 12.97 and 18.27 % respectively. While those belonging to the AI were 13.11 and 55.65 % for both heifers and adult cows respectively. On the other hand, the total average rates of service per conception (SPC) for both NM and AI were 1.30 and 1.90 respectively. Erbil governorate recorded less (P≤0.01) SPC within the NM, namely 0.07, whereas, Sulaimani governorate achieved less (P≤0.01) SPC within the AI 0.97. The pregnancy rate was surpassed (P≤0.05) in AI than NM in all included governorates. In spite of the numerical differences, no significant differences in the numbers of cows return to estrus were found between NM 40.29% and AI 37.40%. In conclusion, most of the cow’s owners in studied governorates using AI more than NM. The Kurdistan region governorates recorded the highest percentage of AI within all included governorates, while Diyala, Wassit and Misan recorded the lesser percentage. Sulaimani and Duhok governorates achieved less SPC for both AI and NM respectively, while Baghdad governorate recorded higher SPC for both AI and NM.