Effect of Enviromental varieance on Alkaloids Compounds Concentrate of Heliotropium lasiocarpium L.


Plants of Heliotropium lasiocarpium L. collected from Mesaan, Salahdeen and Sulaimania governorates in order to study the effect of enviromental variance on alkaloids compounds concentration. The plants dried on the shade then 5 gm of the sample put in the plastic content. The chemical analysis conducted in the laboratories of Ministry of science and Technology by HPLC apparatus. Results showed that enviromental varieance lead to varieance in the alkaloids concentrate. In mesaan location the concentration were:indicine 0.5%, supinine 22.43%, indicine-N-oxide15.56%, heleurine 23.91%, heliotrine 28.88% and lindelofidine8.69% while on location of salahdeen were: indicine 21.04%, supinine14.9%, indicine-N-oxide16.3%, heleurine15.03%, heliuotrine18.98% andlindelofidine13.7% and the results on sulaimania location were: indicine 17.6%, supinine15.74%, indicine-N-oxide 2.77%. hleurine 21.08%, heliotrine37.08 and lidelofidine5.70