Assess the Impact of Technological Chang in the Agricultural Sector in Iraq for the Duration of the (1990-2013) Using Transcendental Logarithmic Production Function


The Study aims to measure the impact of technical Change in agriculture of Ira using time-series data for the period ( 1990-2013) , logarithmic production function work was transcendental (superior ), had used the value of output in the agricultural sector, Capital, Labor, and raw materials . The study also indicated that the flexibility of production were positive when mediums of labor and capital components amounted (0.9926) and (1.00036) respectively, the finding suggest the sector affected by technical change, she also results to vibrate the productivity of the work item was lost when the average (13332946.5) million dinars and the value of capital when average (3134.9021) million dinars during the period of study , there is no partiality of technical change to production bolstered to technological working in Iraq agriculture sector , also note that average gross fixed capital formation for agriculture sector with a total value over study (3763.81) million dinars and from the treasury turnover sector agricultural the total during the same period (74237.6526) million dinars which equalize (9.7%) of reserve capital for Iraqi economic sectors , the results were extracted using quantitative tools in economical multiple linear regression method of ordinary least squares (OLS) , in these study use the translog index on calculation the technological change, well as to analyze the results using the standard engineering program (Gretl 1.9.9) the results of all of the work and function of capital and technological change (restricted) BL,BK, BVT, Bt respectively (2.71437), (1.02265) , (1.83144) , (83.2471) Respectively This shows the moral function . The study recommends that introduction of technical progress talk with industrialized nations , and activate the technology role through ( Categories improver, Manures , medication, Vaccinia ) courses and internal newsletters about the way you use this change , raising the role of ministry of agriculture and water resources that contribute effectively to raise and improve the national product , and diverted agricultural sector if progress technology the least developed sectors, and the need for increased and intensified research aimed at analyzing the structure of production and deepened to improve production to improve production efficiency .