The Level of Adoption of Maize Growers for Cultivation Techniques of Compositional Variety (5018) in Mahmudiya District - Baghdad Governorate and Its Relation to some Variables


The research aims to determine the level of adoption of growers maize techniques class compositional 5018 in the district of Mahmudiyah Baghdad province in general as well as the level of adoption growing breed technologies in every area of study of (choice class, land preparation, method of planting, planting date and the amount of seeds, fertilization, irrigation, pest and harvesting), and then determine the correlation between the level of adoption and a number of special factors and Balzraa of ( age, income, who associated farms, expertise, information sources, the trend toward modern technologies ). The research consisted of ( 110 ) peasants' which are representing ( 10%) of the total number of the peasants' Those who variety compositional (5018) in Mahmudiyah district Baghdad province . Used many of the statistical methods to reach the objectives of the research, such as ( range, Pearson and Spearman Law correlation and ( t – test ) . The results showed that the adoption level is middle and low level in the adoption of technologies in the field of fertilization and pest. As well as showing the existence of a significant correlation between the adoption level and most studied factors . The researchers recommend intensify Extension activities in the area of research and the use of Extension campaigns to ensure that the definition of the peasants' of the importance of these technologies on the production and training them on how to apply them .