Antibacterial activity of alcohol extract of QuercusinfectoriaOlivier


Eighteen clinical ear and wound swaps were collected from patients attendingAlfuratAl-awsatHospital in Al-KufaCity , bacterial isolates were identified afterculturing the swaps , the results indicated that the most frequent isolates werePseudomonas aeuroginosa and Acinobacter baumanii.Extract from Quercusinfectoria was prepared using ethyl alcohol as a highpolarity solvent then screened for antibacterial activity at theconcentrations(125,250,375, and 500mg/ml) using agar well diffusion method. Crudextract exhibited a strong inhibition effect against P. aeruginosa ranging between(13.5-22.5mm) and moderate antibacterial effect for A. baumanii (13-18mm).