((Human Resource Staffing Strategy and and its impact in the high performance A Field research in Ministry of Agriculture))


Abstractwere determine the problem of current research to answer the question on the consciousness of the Ministry of Agriculture to adopt Staffing strategy and identify the shortcomings as the independent variable, represented by the three dimensions (recruitment , selection, placement) and its impact on high performance, as dependent variable is described in four dimensions (leadership, strategy, structure and processes, culture), in this research were Used analytical descriptive style . This research aims to identify the correlation and impact of Staffing strategy at high-performance in Ministry of Agriculture , To clarify the relationship between the major and minor research variables, it have been formulating two main hypotheses branched into (6) minor hypothesis , questionnaire has been adopted as a tool in collection data and information related to research , It has been prepared on the basis of a number of standards-based use measure of Likert quintet is subjected to the standards of validity and reliability, The questionnaire was distributed to a sample of (126) administrative leaders working in the Ministry of Agriculture , the use of statistical software SPss, the most significant a prominent was the correlation and the impact between the strategy Staffing and high Performance Within the framework of the discussion of the results ,The researcher offers a number of conclusions , the most important that the measures being taken in a placement of human resources, is a routine procedure is not active correctly in terms of making, As well as a lack of planning to prepare to be hired annually , Was put a set of recommendations , most notably the work on the formulation of a strategy for the ministry with a clear vision and specific goals, in coordination with the departments and formations affiliate, As the researcher recommended the ministry must of seeking to develop a culture oriented towards achieving high performance