Measurement of Government Debt Indicators and the most Its important Effects in Iraq for The period of 1990 – 2013


Indicators of government debt is of extreme importanse in economic activity through knowledge of the economic impact of government debt, if the phenomenon is accepted or prepared to dangerous stage by stage, and there fore it can Through these indicators to measure the degree of indebtedness in relation to the economic activity of the Government on the one hand, the governments ability to repay the other hand. Due to this it inferred that the degree of indebtedness in Iraq specificratio has exceed 60% during the period 1990 – 2002 ntejh lack of political and economic stability of the government, which led to the governments inability to repay the marl her disposal of debt in addition to how bad the Governments debt management in this control indices. This research finds that the continuation of government debt increased with the Gaovernments inability to repay those debts as a result of Mamr by the Iraq war economic blockade and stop oil exports will lead to the accumulation of the debt and thus in Crease the burden of the government budget which leaves negative effects are reflected on investment exports and imports as aresult of the weakness of capital accumulation as well as the weakness as the economic sectors and while the Iraqi economy has seen asighificant improvement after the events of 2003 as aresult of changed economic and political due to the increase in oil exports from the face and the increase in oil prices on the other hand, any increase in foreign exchange ratio derived from such exports by which the payment of Government debt burden, which led to an improvement in both the government debt indicators and then leave appositive effects on both investment and exports and imports.