The impact of parallel training to develop the use of the opposite arm Force and accuracy shooting Hand ball


Sports training is a great role in the development of performance skills through intensive training modules that work on fine-tuning performance and raise the level of the player whether or tactical skill aspect and study aimed to :1 - To determine the effect of the training program using the parallel method using the opposite arm in the development of the power and accuracy of the correction to the research sample. 2 - Understand the differences between the results of the tests tribal and dimensional accuracy and power of the research sample.The research sample included some of the second phase of students for the academic year (2015 - 2016) and totaling 23 students constitute percentage (16.78%) of the original society, the pre-test conducted on Sunday, which falls 28/02/2016 AD, has been doing exercises on a sample search and by two units of training a week during the lesson and the start of the application of research experience on 01.03.2016 until 30.03.2016 m where the exercise within the training modules amounted to four weeks, post-test conducted on Sunday, which falls 3/4/2016 m on research sample , the researchers used the bag statistical (SPSS) Issuance (19) to extract the search results.It was reached the following conclusions:1. The existence of significant differences to test the accuracy of pre and post tests in a sample search.2. There were no statistically significant differences for a test of strength between the pre and post tests in a sampleThe main recommendations are:1. the use of drills working on the development of precision in the correction, which is one of the necessities of performance skills.2. Use of overload that operate on the output power of the opposite arm, especially in the skill of correction.