The effect of muscle stretching exercises associated with the resistors in the development of the explosive strength and the flexibility of the shoulders and trunk and their relationship strong shooting foryoung handball players


Characterized Handball Game strength and speed during halftime of the game and this is what requires the availability of special fitness elements among team members so that they can keep up with the play variables during the game, so it is necessary to focus on these elements in an integrated manner without neglecting any one of them because it leads to underperformance, whether technical or physical, tactical, so this study focused on an important element of the handball player, a flexibility that the most basic skills depend on them, especially the correction, and included a sample of this study on the handball players of youth category of the fact that this category in the prime of life training to ensure that installed have been helping them to raise the upper levels were used exercises stretching the muscle being of exercise that helps recipe flexibility development as well as the use of the associated resistors of these exercises and weights light to ensure that the objective of the exercise and do not even have its impact in another direction, and the shape is the motor of the exercises target muscles working in performance skills and similar to the kinetic paths for this performance, and the results indicate the development status of the flexibility of the shoulders and torso as well as the development of the explosive power of the muscles of the arms, which have a high correlation strongly correction.