Building and standardizing tests to measure the performance of offensive skills For handball players


The problem of research is to answer some of the following questions:- Lack of tests to measure the basic skills of handball?- Are the tests designed accurately measure the phenomenon to be measured and do not measure anything in place of or in addition?- Are the tests designed for degrees indicative of the relative performance of the individual?- How accurate, proficient or consistent are the tests designed on the research sample?- To what extent are the tests designed without the intervention of the subjective factors that affect its outcome?- The research aims to:- Constructing and standardizing tests to measure the skillful performance of handball players in the second stage students in handball.- Finding standard grades and levels for the proposed tests.As for the research methodology, the researcher used the descriptive method in the survey method for its suitability and the nature of the research problem. The research society consists of students of the second stage of the Faculty of Physical Education, Salahuddin University - Erbil for the academic year 2015-2016, 96 students, representing 79.33% of the original research community. The researcher used several methods, including analysis of content and questionnaire as a means of collecting information. The statistical method used in the research is (arithmetic mean, standard deviation, Pearson's simple correlation coefficient, variance, torsion coefficient, variation coefficient, modified standard score (6-)).- The researcher reached the following conclusions:- As a result of following the scientific means for building tests, all tests designed with good scientific foundations have enjoyed sincerity, consistency, objectivity and natural distribution.- The results of the tests were distributed naturally within the natural curve where the results of the tests between the level (very good - good - average - acceptable - weak - very weak).