Departments of Archeology at Iraqi universities and the ways to develop academic studies


Archaeology as an academic science taught in most of the Iraqi Universities under the title of (College of Archaeology) or one of the college of arts departments. It is obvious for the archaeology specialists like archaeologists, Iraqi universities academics and even intellectuals in general that the general teaching system of studying and teaching sciences and whole specializations, including archaeology in particular, in Iraqi universities today has a great effect whether it is negative or positive on the studying and the teaching of science in addition to students assimilation degree depending on these adopted methods. This research demonstrates the history of a number of archaeology departments of the Iraqi universities in addition to their activities, highlights the adopted methods in studying and teaching archaeology in these departments in particular, projects light on the negative points, diagnosis them as an attempt to modify and correct what can be corrected to develop the students assimilation capability of the adopted curricula figures out solutions that can enhance the developments of the current academic study of the archaeology departments.