Ten T section reinforced concrete beams by use Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC) beams with square and circular web perforation tested under pure torsion . The geometry and main reinforcement of all specimens are same. The main parameters taking into account in present paper are circular opening size, location of openings and number of openings. The torque caused the ultimate crack was recorded, and the angle of twist generated from these torques is calculated. Test results indicate that, torque that causes failure (ultimate) is affected by opening size, opening locations, opening numbers, the presence of web cut – outs reduces ultimate torque capacity of section, such that the increase in web opening size reduces the ultimate torque, when the web openings increase that leads to reduction in the torque capacity، the opening eccentricity makes no uniformity of shear stress distribution through web and leads to reduce the torque capacity. Then, angle of twist depends on the opening location at crack or ultimate stages, the twisted angle depends on torque magnitude because of beam span, shear modulus and geometry of T sections which are the same and the cracks start from support and then take a spiral shape around the beams up to flange so the number of cracks increases as the presence of openings.