An analytic study of the levels of evaluation questions in English courses in Syrian secondary schools according to Bloom’s Taxonomy


This study aims to classify the levels of assessment questions according to Bloom's taxonomy in English course for eleventh grade in Syria and to analyze the percentage of questions in each level (recall, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation). The sample of the study consists of student's book for eleventh grade in Syrian Arab Republic. The study follows the quantitative approach by making use the following tool: an analysis card to measure the frequency of assessment questions. The results show that assessment questions in English student’s book for eleventh grade cover all levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. The percentages are: recall 51.65%, comprehension 14.89%, application 9,02%, analysis 2.8%, synthesis 7.48%, and evaluation 2.63%. Thus, recall which is the lowest thinking skill is the most frequent level of questions whereas evaluation is the least occurring level.