X- ray diffraction and dielectric properties of PbSe thin films


Lead selenide PbSe thin films of different thicknesses (300, 500, and 700 nm) were deposited under vacuum using thermal evaporation method on glass substrates. X-ray diffraction measurements showed that increasing of thickness lead to well crystallize the prepared samples, such that the crystallite size increases while the dislocation density decreases with thickness increasing. A.C conductivity, dielectric constants, and loss tangent are studied as function to thickness, frequency (10kHz-10MHz) and temperatures (293K-493K). The conductivity measurements confirmconfirmed that hopping is the mechanism responsible for the conduction process. Increasing of thickness decreases the thermal activation energy estimated from Arhinus equation is found to decrease with thickness increasing. The increase of thickness lead to reduce the polarizability α while the increasing of temperature lead to increase α.