Effect of Inclination Angle of The Side Walls on The Natural Convection Heat Transfer Inside an Enclosure


Laminar natural convection heat transfer and fluid flow due to the heating from below at variable heat source length inside two dimensional enclosure has been analyzed numerically in this study. The enclosure has filled with air as a working fluid. The vertical inclined walls of the enclosure are maintained at lower temperature while the remaining walls are insulated. The value of Rayleigh number from (1x103 ≤ Ra ≤ 4x104), the inclination angle at (γ = 0o, 22.5o , 45o ) and dimensionless heat source length at ( S = 1 and 0.5 ). The continuity, momentum and energy equations have been applied to the enclosure and solved by using finite difference method. The results showing that the average Nusselt number increases with the increasing of the heating source length and decreases with the increasing in an inclination angle of the vertical walls.