Tourism Planning as an Instrument to Develop the Archeology and religious tourism in Samarra


The current research aims to highlight the economic and social importance of tourism. The research also aims to case study the tourism sector in Samarra, highlighting the rectifiers of tourism in the city, and identify the challenges that banned this tourism sector from grew and development.The study discussed the practical use of tourism planning and possibility of using tourism planning by local government, scientific institutions and businessmen in Samarra in order develop the tourism sector.The study comes up with several results, such as the city of Samarra possesses several tourism rectifiers which help the city to build successful tourism sector, these rectifiers are holy religious graves, archeological locations, historical centers geographic and nature that increase the opportunity to build spring and summer tourism beside Tigris river and the lake of Samarra’s dam.The research observed many challenges facing the tourism sector in the city, among these challenges the first was the impairment of tourism infrastructure, the absence of tourism service from city such as housing, feeding, transporting, in addition the research show that the security situation had effected the tourism beside other factors such as the absence of tourism planning and the weakness of media and marketing services.The research proposes some recommendations among which is the suggestion to use the tourism planning as an instrument to develop tourism sector in the city, the research designed a plan to develop the tourism in the city and suggested the parties that should involve in designing and implementing this plan and finally drew the aims of the plan and the successful means to execute it.