Panoramic Radiographic Evaluation of the Osseous Morphological Changes in Iraqi Patients with Chronic Renal Failure


To make comparative evaluation of gonial cortical bone thickness,antegonial index, gonial angle values and mandibular canal boneresorption, pathologies like ground-glass appearance in jawbonesand brown tumor in Iraqi patients undergoing dialysis due tochronic renal failure and patients from the healthy control groupon panoramic .Panoramic radiographs were taken from 40 patientsdivided into two groups (20 normal and 20 dialysis patients).Gonial cortical thickness, antegonial index and gonial anglevalues with the mandibular canal wall resorption were assessed ,pathologies such as ground-glass appearance and Brown tumor as“available” or “not available.” Mandibular canal wall resorption(Chi-square:16.52 , P<0.01) was found highly statisticallysignificant difference between the patient and control groups,resorption detected mainly in right side of male patients.Panoramic radiographs showed decreasing in values of themeasuring parametersin patients receiving dialysis treatment dueto chronic renal failure compared to the control group.