Measuring the level of the quality of accounting profits and their impact on the parameters of the ownership structure ((Applied study in a sample of private Iraqi commercial banks listed in the Iraqi market for securities))


The research aims to measure earnings quality level by using the flows and accruals model (Richardson) and then show us the impact of the determinants of ownership structure on the application of eight Iraqi private commercial banks listed on the Iraq Stock Exchange for the period from 2004 to 2013. The statistical program SSPS used in measuring and test research variables using simple and multiple linear regression, and T-Test analysis, The research found that there is an acceptable level of earning quality in those banks,And the overall results showed that there is a effect to Determinants of ownership structure on the level of earnings quality. On the basis of previous results researcher recommends the need to adopt an indicator to measure the quality of earnings in the Iraqi environment, as well as the legalization of the determinants of ownership structure for its effect in the monitoring and control of the negative behaviors of the administration which will reflect positively on earnings quality and encourage investment