Evaluation of the isolation and identification methods for Helicobacter pylori bacterium, isolated from peptic ulcer patients


This study was evaluated the isolation and identification of H.pylori using conventional methods of histological biopsy for 60 patients with different ages from 10-75 years old for both sexes with stomach and duodenal ulcers using urease test and classical culture. The biopsy samples were collected using laparoscopic. The endoscopy for patients was undergone by a specialist doctor and under local anesthesia and it has also been investigating the bacterial antigen in stool samples of patients with questionable caught the infectious ulcers and adopted phenotypic tests and biochemical diagnosis of the germ. The study showed the efficiency of rapid urease test in screening for H.pylori where the efficiency shown in 41 tissue biopsy and were given the best results in the routine culture where isolated 44 isolates of H.pylori from patients under study. When screening for bacterial antigen exit showed positive results for 34 out of 100 stool samples with proportion 34%.