Analysis ofSpectralReflectivityof Pila SpiFormation in Bashiqa, Maklob and Ean Alsafra Structures/Northern Iraq


The results of theanalysis ofspectral reflecting curves of,selected(17)rocksand (4) soil samples of Pila Spiformation in both Ba'shiqahandMaklobstructures northern Iraq, to Clear contrast in reflectivity.This discrepany is due to the obvious difference in the physical and chemical characteristics of carbonate and dolomatic roks of this formation.A variety of image processing techniques were applied on land sat ETM+7 image of the study area depending on spectral reflecting results of the above samples. Numerous false colored combination were carried out on(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7)image bands. Several image ratio were applied and integrated with(RGB) system to get the best results digital geological map was produced by the use of resulted images which were compared their results with maps and field information of the area.