The inhibitory effects of some natural substances on H. Pylori


This study aimed to use natural alternatives to detect its inhibitory effect on H. pylori due to its low toxicity and flexibility in use as well as its efficiency in treatment.detection an the inhibitory activity of ( ginger , apple vinegar , mastic (gum,oil) , pomegranate peel and curcumin ) was done and Minimum Inhibition Concentration (MIC) was estimated. the results showed that the MIC of pomegranate peel ( 0.048828125 ) mg / cm3 so it is more efficient than curcumin (0.09765625 ) mg / cm3 and ginger ( 1.5625 ) mg / cm3 while there is no effect of mastic gum , mastic oil and apple vinegar on H. pylori.We conclude that these natural substances may be used as treatment assistant products to reduce H. pylori resistance to antibiotics