The Effect of Using Mind Storming Method in Learning Some Basic Skills of Football for Second Class Intermediate Students


Football is one of the most popular games all over the world. As such, it gained a special consideration locally and internationally, as it took the advantages of several skills that motivate the people who in turn approached it abundantly. This study aims to know the effect of using mind storming in learning some basic skills of football for second class intermediate students as the researchers find second class students somehow weak in these skills as they used to learn in accordance to the traditional methods. The researchers used the experimental approach as it suits the research and the statement of the problem. The sample of the study contains 78 students of the second class intermediate school and were divided randomly into group –A- as the controlling group that contains (38) students and section –B- as the experimental group that contains (40) students with 18 teaching units for nine weeks. Using the post-test statistically, the researchers reached to the following conclusion that showed the excellence of the experimental group which were taught in accordance to the mind thinking technique over the controlling group which were taught in accordance to the general method of teaching and developing the scientific skills. The researchers recommended to use the mind storming approach as it is the best method in achieving the methods that the researchers applied and developing the scientific thinking, beside its great effect in learning the basic skills in a short time and with a little effort.