The role of organizational change in easing the organizational conflict: an exploratory study of the opinions of a sample of managers and workers in Iraq to EarthLink Network Services Company And communications


AbstractResearch on the role of organizational change in easing the organizational conflict focuses for being one of the important topics and relatively modern and which have a significant impact on the future of organizations, so this study was to identify the relationship and the impact of organizational change and of deportation (technological, organizational structure, human resources, the change in the task) at the organizational conflict in the Earth company link Iraq, in order to reach the goals of the research, it has been the development of a questionnaire distributed to a random sample of (100) composed employees from managers and heads of departments and the people and staff at the Earth company link Iraq, the study found: the existence of a correlation significant morale among organizational change and conflict, organizational, and results of the study showed the presence of a effect signify moral organizational change in terms of the variables in organizational conflict, which turned out to be the more effective change whenever the role of the change in easing the conflict within the organization, and based on the results, the researcher recommended several recommendations, including: regulatory changes (structural and technological changes and human tasks) through keep up with external developments to ensure the smooth flow of the work of its staff away from potential conflicts and reduce the effects of organizational conflict between the company surveyed individuals through development programs for all employees in the company's building.