Data integrity enhancement for the encryption of color images based on CRC64 technique using multiple look-up tables


Communication is one of the vast and rapidly growing fields of engineering, where increasing the efficiency of communication by overcoming the external electromagnetic sources and noise is considered a challenging task. To achieve confidentiality for color image transmission over the noisy communication channels a proposed algorithm is presented for image encryption using AES algorithm. This algorithm combined with error detections using Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) to preserve the integrity of the encrypted data. This paper presents an error detection method uses Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC), the CRC value can be generated by two methods: Serial and Parallel CRC Implementation. The proposed algorithm for the encryption and error detection using parallel CRC64 (Slicing-by-4 algorithm) implementation with multiple look table approach for the encrypted image. The goal of the proposed algorithm optimizes the size of the redundant bits needed to attach to the original data for the purpose of error detection; this reduction is considered necessary to meet the restriction for some computer architectures. Furthermore, it is suitable for implementing in software rather than in hardware. The proposed algorithm uses different tested images by added different noise ratios (1% and 5%) of total images size to study the noise effect on the encrypted images. The noise added on single and multi bits position and study the effect on the output results. The obtained results shown that the small size of the image the large CRC64 affected by noise while the large size of image yields a stable or fixed number of affected CRC64.