Effect of cryopreservation protoco1sin relation to human sperm parameters


Backgrou ndThe semen cryopreservation has an important role in the male fertility preservation. Certainly, patients who are prone to become infertile due to surgica l or medical treatments such as chemo- or radiotherapy for cancer treatment. In fact, semen cryostorage seems to be the only proven method that may offer these couples a chance of having children inthe future.Objecti vesThis study was aimed to investigate the effects of cryopreservat ion protocols on human sperm parameters. MethodsSixty semen samples with range of age (19-35) years were included in this study. Sperm parameters, were assessed pre- or post-cryopreservation. Cryopreservation protocols were done using SMART medium with either 15% dimethy l sulfoxide(DMSO) or 15% glycerol alone (as control group) or supplemented with either 0.25M or 0.5M of sucrose for treated groups. Crude data were statistica lly analyzedReo;ultsGenerally, the results of the present study showed that the sperm parameters were significantly deteriorated post-thawing (P<0.05) as compared to pre­ cryopreservation . Bothtreated groups (G2 and G3) showed best results as compared to G1 (control groups). In contrast, treated group (G2) with 0.25 M of sucrose appeared better results than the as G3 group that treated with 0.5M of sucroseConclusionSperm parameters including concentration, motility, and morphology were deteriorated after cryopreservat ion. Using 0.25M sucrose reduced the impact of cryopreservation.