Leukocytospermia and sperm quality, in seminal fluid samplesof infertile men


BackgroundWhite blood cell are present in most human ejaculates, but leukocytospermia may reflect an underlying pathological condition. This study evaluated the relationship between leukocytospermia and standard semen parameters.ObjectivesTo investigate the presence of correlation between the leukocytospermia , sperm motility and sperm concentration in infertile Iraqi men.MethodsA total of 154 semen analyses of infertile men were included inthis study.All semen analysis were performed within 1 hour, Data were collected for sperm motility type A and B, concentration of both leukocyte and spermatozoa. The mean numbers of motile sperms and the leukocytes were obtained for each specimen. 10 micro liter of seminal fluid were transferred on a slid and covered by a cover slip, then the mean number of motile sperm, leukocyte and concentration were obtained by reading 25 MicroscopicfieldsResul1.;;The results indicated a significant relationship between the reduction in the number ofleukocytes and the increase in the number of motile spermatozoa and sperm concentration r = -0.731 and r = - 0.77 respectively. But the mean number of motile sperms was weakly correlated with the sperm concentration r = 0.58. Conclusion :Both the mean number of motile sperms and sperm concentration were significantly correlated with the increasing number of leukocytes . That refers to improvement in motile sperm and sperm concentration with the reduction of leukocytes. Keyword: Seminalfluid, Leukocytospermia , Sperm motility.