Employing difference technique in some Liu estimators to semiparametric regression model


Semiparametric methods combined parametric methods and nonparametric methods ,it is important in most of studies which take in it's nature more progress in the procedure of accurate statistical analysis which aim getting estimators efficient, the partial linear regression model is considered the most popular type of semiparametric models, which consisted of parametric component and nonparametric component in order to estimate the parametric component that have certain properties depend on the assumptions concerning the parametric component, where the absence of assumptions, parametric component will have several problems for example multicollinearity means (explanatory variables are interrelated to each other) , To treat this problem we use a difference based through the use of biased estimators, in order to get less biased and variance estimators therefor we used difference based estimator liu and difference based almost unbiased liu estiomator. throughout studying simulation based upon mean square error, we concluded that difference based almost unbiased liu estiomator is better than difference based estimator liu since it has the smallest mean square error after that we estimate nonparametric component so removing parametric component and estimated Nonparametric using k-nearest neighbor smoother.