Study of Safety for Plastic Canned Which Used in Storage Dairy Products


This study was carried out to know the role of packaging in the marketing of process (dairy) food products and to study the problem raised and detect the microbial contamination which affect dairy product. Thirty of dairy product samples were included in this study which include yogurt, cheese, cream which obtained from local market in Baghdad City during period beginning from January 2016 till March 2016. Bacteriological test were conducted including Total count of bacteria, Fecal coliform counting, Coliform counting, counting staphylococcus. Result of bacteriological examination reveal that the number of bacteria was recording among sample (x1) 3×104 cfu/g. followed by sample (x8) 8×103 cfu/g, the highest were sample (x9) 45×102 cfu/g. Coliform was detected in sample x6 and x7 no bacteria were detected in the samples namely x1,x2,x3,x4,x5,x10. It has also been scanning the plastic material is it made of cans device (DSC) The results indicated that some of them made of polyethylene and some are made of polystyrene and a white and pure of impurities, one of the good materials used for packaging dairy this of food accordance to the health and safety of the global food organizations. This study recommended that the most important one is encourage investment in the field of packaging, reduction customer duties and to encourage further studies in this field.