The Development of Biomimetic Nano CaCO3/ PPBio Composites as Bone Repair Materials- Optimal Thermal Properties Evaluation


CaCO3/PP biocomposite have been proposed previously as biomaterial for bone repair applications.The effect of filler size and type on thermal parameters and crystallization behaviour have not been tacked thoroughly.. Enumeration search method (ESM) checks all possible combinations of design or processing variables in a bottom-up approach until it finds the global optimum solution for the design or processing conditions. In this paper, the optimum processing conditions for calcium carbonate/PP Nano composites as bone analogue biomaterials is sought. Also the effect of Nano sized Al2O3 on thermal properties and crystallization was studied. Enumeration search method (ESM) by Matlab software, give an indication for optimum processing conditions whose results are commensurate with those of the classical experiments design. Different compositions, compounding pressure, and processing temperatures were used in this work. Composites with 5% Al2O3/20 CaCO3/75PP give the optimum thermal properties and uniform distribution of fillers in polymeric matrix.