The relationship between homocysteine , folate, B12 serum level and breast cancer in sample of women in Baghdad city –Iraq.


The study included eighty cases of women with breast cancer (as patients group) with age range from 30 to 8years, The control group included twenty healthy women. The level of Homocysteine, vitamin B12 and folate were estimated in the serum of patients group and compared with the control and it has been compared to some other aspects such as aBody mass index (BMI), type of feeding and Family history. The statistical analysis revealed a significant difference (p ≤ 0.05) between the mean of Homocysteine level (13.18 ± 0.61) µmol/l for patients group compared with mean (9.78 ± 0.60) µmol/l of control group . It was also found a significant difference (p≤ 0.05) between the mean of folate level for patients group and control group , (8.64 ± 0.40) ng/ml and (13.19 ± 1.19) ng/ml for both groups, respectively,.It was noticed that there was interaction between the mean of homocysteine, B12 and folate level in serum with age, marital status ,type of feeding and family history.