Sulfur Reduction in Naphtha produced from Al-Qayarah Refinery Units by the Simplest Possible and Economically Feasible Methods


Production of low sulfur content of untreated naphtha from Al -Qayarah Refinery units has been studied in this research by using oxidation, oxidation-adsorption, and adsorption methods. The influence of time, temperature, sorbent type on sulfur reduction was investigated. The results showed that oxidation- adsorption was an efficient method for the desulfurization of naphtha where high removal efficiencies of about 93% were obtained. Also, it was concluded that by increasing temperature (up to 60C), and time (up to 5 hr) led to decreasing sulfur content from 1194ppm to about 76ppm. The results indicated that the best sequence of sulfur removal on sorbent materials were as follow: Ni/AC˃ AC ˃ Ni/γAl2O3˃ γAl2O3.