The role of organizational justice in reinforcement high performance


The study intellectual and philosophical frame had been formed as a result of the interaction of study variables (Organizational Justice and High Performance ).The aim of this study is to test the possibility of organizational Justice in avoiding the High Performance, studying the level of organizational Justice high performanc.. Hence we have a clearer important,The study expresses the problem via a number of questions that centered on ( if there is any correlation and mutual affection between the study variables; the Explanatory and the responsive, consequently, a hypothetical sample, with two Main hypotheses, had been put to result in six branches hypotheses .with a sample of (113) of workers ( State Company for Agricultural Supplies) and the search to find a set of conclusions .Including the low level of awareness of personnel and organizational justice three dimensions (distributive procedural, interactional) Finally, research was The company's management to pursue a new approach to strengthening the organizational justice through the creation of a fair system of incentives and fair procedures among employees and seek to develop the company culture geared towards high performance