Education in the Islamic perspective


Abstract The Islamic religion approach Rabbani urges and seeks to bring happiness to people, as Allah says: ((We sent thee not all people glad tidings and a warner, but most people do not know)) Spa: State 28 Islam looks at the concept of education through positive behavior derived emerging through formal and informal education. The Islamic approach works on the basis of a systematic and clear rule in the form of an integrated system includes multiple areas. As the lead actor role as the desired position.Although irresponsible behavior which seeks to establish the rules of Islamic approach comes through enlightened awareness, which includes cognitive aspect, which is the basis for building an ad valorem system of Islamic education. Consciousness is and this premise is the first level of trends value educational Islamic correct; Islamic education is an important part of the historical and cultural heritage of any society, and in order to remain united and coherent, it must be based on rules fixed and established based on systems of values and principles of the Islamic religion is based, and reflects the nature of society and its characteristics; for this is the issue of Islamic education of methodological issues important in building a proper educational system in the building-based Islamic society on the personal characteristics of the individual. The education in the perspective of an Islamic approach Hiatia integrated based on the composition of the child's personality distinct good in the community by providing ideas, values, and perceptions of Arab and Islamic principles tolerant religion starting point of the verse :( You are the best nation raised up for people Propagation of Virtue and forbidding what is wrong and believe in God) Surat Al-Imran: 110