The role of the minister of the Fatima Yazouri internal and external Policy Egypt


The role of the minister of the Fatima Yazouri internal and external Policy EgyptPhd. Reem Hadi MerhagCollege of education Baghdad universityAbstract Anhdralazuri of Yazour a village Ramle Palestine, from a religious family of Abu Mohammed Yazouri arrived in Egypt in the year (439 AH / 1036 AD), and was aimed from behind, returned him to his previous position to assume spend Ramle, Fasttaa a senior statesmen to provide Abu Muhammad Yazouri L. Caliph assuming start, Vtm him so, raising its standing and became Metwally Diwan or caliph, in the year (441 AH / 1049 AD) was assigned the Chief Justice did not stop at that, but the era of his post of the ministry a year (442 AH / 1051 AD), having proven merit in every Matulah, The minister Yazouri of the powerful minister aspiring and employers pens won several titles did not collect it for one by the judiciary, advocacy and ministry granted Caliph minister-term Almkan title, and Mr. Minister, and the crown Alosfia, and magistrate judges, da'i, the science of glory, pure faithful and take off it and hit this minister of leverage capacity and bone fell out of favor that he hit his name on the rail with the name of the Caliph al-Mustansir, it was ministers implementation discerning. Fatimid state experienced a severe economic crisis during the inaugural ministry because of the Nile River Palace has led to the spread of famine and epidemics and diseases, as well as political unrest, Fasttaa this minister acknowledged for his skill and good masterminding be in control, and his wisdom and good masterminding distract the things that have been plaguing Egypt. and Yazouri he loved the people of knowledge and raise them had to say during his hearing, obedience and he was generous to attend his table every judge, jurist and writer Jalil fate, as he was able to beat his enemies to each other with less loss, and his efforts that Bzlha for Bsacira announced the engagement to the Fatimids the pulpits of Baghdad.