Leader Follower Tracking with Obstacle Avoidance using Circular Paths Algorithm


This paper deals with a new algorithm called circularpaths for leader follower tracking with obstacle avoidanceusing. In leader-follower tracking, one robot acts as a leaderwith defined motion and the other robot acts as a follower whichposition itself in accordance with the position and orientation ofthe leader. The leader movement is dependent on an assignedtrajectory and the follower movement is dependent on thecircular paths algorithm. In each step, this algorithm constructsa circular path using three points represented by the next stepposition of the leader robot, the last step position and thecurrent step position of the follower robot. The next position ofthe follower robot lays on the circumstance of the circular pathand the orientation is represented by the tangent line to thiscircular path at this next position of the follower robot. Whenan obstacle intersect any circular path for the follower robot,then this path must be replaced by another circular pathconstruct from the two positions of the follower robot and theleader position is replaced by the tangent point to the obstacle.Simulation results illustrate the soundness of this algorithm