Prediction-Based Path Planning with Obstacle Avoidance in Dynamic Target Environment


In this paper, a new algorithm for mobile robot navigation and polygonal obstacles avoidance in dynamic target environment is introduced. In the dynamic target path planning theagent (robot) trying to reach a moving target in minimum pathcost. The introduced algorithm which called Prediction-basedpath planning with obstacle avoidance in dynamic target environment planning a path to a moving target by predicting the nexttarget location, then computing a path from the robot current location to the predicted target location representing each visibleobstacle by the smallest circle that enclosing the polygon obstacle,then determine the visible tangents between the robot and the circular obstacle that intersect its shortest path and compute theshortest path. Three target movement scenarios were suggestedand tested in different environment conditions. The results showthat the target was reached in all scenarios and under all environment conditions with good path cost.