Numerical investigation for enhancement of heat transfer in internally finned tubes using ANSYS CFX program


In this study, a numerical investigation has been carriedout for single phase flow behavior for thirty six internally finnedtubes to demonstrate the effect of axial pitch to fin height ratio(p/e) for 0.8≤p/e≤6.345, helix angle of internal fins (β) for30°≤β≤70°, apex angle of internal fins (α) for 0°≤α≤53.13°, internalfin height (e) for 0.6mm≤e≤1.0mm, internal tube diameter (di)with 14 mm and Reynolds number (Re) of single-phase flow for10000≤Re≤50000 on enhancement of forced convection heattransfer and reduction of friction factor by using ANSYS CFXprogram. It solves the three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equationsfor steady state turbulent with SST model and enhance walltreatment. The numerical analysis provided at fully developedvelocity and temperature. Numerical results showed that thesmallest axial pitch to fin height ratio (p/e) =0.8 and with apexangle α=10 degree provided enhancement of heat transfer of 2.8 to3.55 times higher than of smooth tube. Finally, present numericalresults are seen to be in good agreement with literatureexperimental correlations