Difficulties Facing Iraqi EFL Learners in Translating Legal Terms from English into Arabic


Definitions of TranslationTranslation is a branch of applied linguistics which deals with linguistic and extra-linguistic factors. It is a process of communication where there is a transference of a message from a source language to a target language.There is no agreement on the definition of translation ,nor are translation theorists agreed on the types and models of translation. Thus, the researcher exposes some definitions to translation.Translation is a science based on scientific facts. In addition to this, it is an art. Hence, it is the science that implies artistic aspects. Guire (1980:5) cited that Quirk (1974) puts translation as ''one of the most difficult tasks that a writer can take upon himself.''From this, we may state that translation involves far more a working acquaintance with two languages and is aptly assumed up by Levy(1963) as cited in Gentzler(1993:61) when he states: