AbstractThis present (cross-sectional) study was carried out from December, 2015 to March, 2016 in AL-Sader teaching hospital, Misan city to detect the correlation between the diabetes mellitus and hyperlipidemia among 110 diabetic patients (60 females and 50 males) as a selected sample ranged from (21-80) years. The lipid profile and glucose level were measured using the Architect c4000 clinical chemistry analyzer (Abbott Diagnostics, Abbott Park, IL, USA).The results showed that the majority of patients fell in the age range of (51-60) years with 37 (33.6 %) cases. Also the majority of patients were having type 2 diabetes with 96 (87.3 %). It was demonstrated that there were significant correlations between the (T.G, LDL, HDL, and V.L.D.L) with both duration of DM and F.B.S (p value < 0.05). There is no difference in mean of Cholesterol and H.D.L scores according to the gender but there were significant correlation between (T.G, LDL, and VLDL) and gender. The study finds that there were high mean score in (T.G) for age groups include (31-40) years, (41-50) years,(51-60) years, (61-70) years. Also for (L.D.L) there high mean score in age groups include (21-30), (41-50), (51-60), (61-70) years. For H.D.L there were abnormal (low level) of mean score fore age groups include (21-30), (51-60),(61-70),(71-80) years.