Study the extent of compatibility between the content of the training courses with the actual duties of the participants


Background: This study was conducted at the human resources training and development center at ministry of Health-Iraq during the first half of 2013.Aim of the study: To analyze part of participation of ministry of health's staffs in training courses and to know the percentage of incompatibility between the content of the training courses and the actual duties being done by participants at the health establishments, and therefore its impact on the overall final outcome of the factors that affect the training process.Subjects & methods: The methods of study cover (509) personnel of different job titles participated in training courses conducted by the training sections in the Center for the period from (2/24/2013) to (05/20/2013). Those training personnel included in twenty-three (23) training courses carried out during this period. The team work preparing and distributing a form of questionnaire for the purpose of study which was purposive sample.Results: A proportion of (19.1%) is a mismatch between the content of training courses with an actual businesses carried out by the candidates in their respective health institutions. Lack of commitment by some health Directorates to nominate more personnel scheduled in accordance with the instructions and the percentage was (15%).Conclusion: From results above indicates that there was wastage of cost, time, and efforts from this mismatching. Recommendations: To achieve yield the desired results of training, this is done by recognizing administrative leaders of the importance of proper selection of candidates. Update controls and regulations guiding the selection process for candidates according to the international and regional approved standards in nomination by our center. Prepare a future study at the level of health directorates in provinces when implementing their training annual plan to identify the obstacles and drawbacks, analyze and correct the causes and treat them.