Studies occupies productivity in developed economies and to unravel growth prominent because of the vital role which is characterized by this concept, so the aim of the research to the study of factors affecting farm productivity in crop progress and measure the technical efficiency and technical change as the most important components of productivity. Adopted a research questionnaire form to provide data randomly collected from 43 farmers from growers sophistication in Diyala province, and to achieve the goals of research was first to examine the relationship between productivity of unit area as the dependent variable and labor and capital as independent variables were the Logarithmic from Function is best estimated functions on according to the economic and statistical indicators and standard and that the total elasticity labor and capital amounted to 1.17 meaning that if increased production elements 10% Van productivity will increase by 11.7% meaning that there is a growing scale returns. To find out the work efficiency has been a second study of the relationship between the labor productivity farm as the dependent variable and the share of working capital and share factor of land cultivated as independent variables were estimated this relationship using eviews7 program came indicated positive and consistent parameters with economic logic any increase worker's share of the capital by 1 % lead to increased productivity by 0.35% and that there is a tradeoff between the two variables. When the Total measure productivity of resources TFP and using the program DEAP was the average change in the overall productivity of 0.98 and 48.2% of the total sample had improvement in efficiency while technical change amounted to an average of 1.51 but also there they have farms decline in the technological level and the inability to maintain a level of productivity With time increase of 28.5% of the sample. The recommended the need to keep pace with technological development and capital increase through the provision of credit facilities and that it is accompanied by the development of the element of interest and work.