Celecoxib versus Piroxicam in accentuating the cognitive functions


Background: Cognitive Functions Are Processes Of Knowing. When It Is Impaired, Reviving Is Needed. Studies To Bustle Off The Psychomotor Activities Using Cox-1 Inhibitors Revealed Variable Results. Aim: To Evaluate The Effects Of Single Oral Dose Of Celecoxib And Piroxicam (Cox-2 Inhibitors) On Cognitive Activity In Healthy, Young Volunteers. Subjects And Methods: Thirty Two Healthy Young Volunteers Were Participated, Allocated Into Two Groups. After A7-Day Washed-Out Period, Each Participant Was Randomly Given A Single Oral Dose Of Either Celecoxib (100mg) Or Piroxicam (10mg) Or Placebo. Psychomotor Tests Were Performed To Record Their Sensory And Motor Reactions. Results: The Placebo-Administered Subjects Had Non-Significant Changes In Both Choice Reaction Time And Critical Flicker Fusion. Celecoxib-Administered Subjects Had A Significantly Reduced Recognition Reaction Time Without A Significant Effect On Motor Reaction Time. While Piroxicam-Administered Ones Had A Significant Reduction In Motor Reaction Time ,it had no Significant Effect On Recognition Reaction Time. All Drug-Given Individuals Had A Non-Significant Change In Choice Reaction Time When Compared With Corresponding Baseline And Placebo Values. Conclusion: Selective Cox-2 Inhibitors Show No Place In Improving The Cognitive Functions.