Assessment of water Quality Index of Groundwater in Al-Khadhimiya city


The present study deals with the assessment of water Quality Index to theAl-Khadhimiya Groundwater city, by collection groundwater from 13wells during four seasons, subjecting the samples to a comprehensive physicochemical analysis. The 13 parameters have been considered: pH, total hardness, calcium, magnesium, turbidity, nitrate, electrical conductivity, total dissolved solid, Sulfate, Chloride, zinc, manganic, and iron, that are used for calculating the WQI. From the result shown, the most groundwater quality lies in Unfit for human drinking purpose. The wells (1 and 11) and wells (3 and 10) were a bad water quality for drinking purpose since they lie in poor and in very poor respectively according to the WQI. The prime causes of deterioration groundwater quality are turbidity, Hardness, Cl, SO4, Ca and Mg.